The Amber Gaye collection is exclusively made in Australia, produced in small runs of limited numbers, with many colours and prints being exclusive to us, and often not repeatable. We use premium grade leathers, carefully selected for their quality, texture, uniqueness, and soft-buttery feel.

Leather is a natural product and it's normal for there to be variations in colour, texture, and feel, such as scar marks, colour variations, creases, and variations in the grain. These are not considered flaws, but rather add to the individuality of each piece. It tells a little story of it’s origin, a reminder of your leathergoods being made from a natural product.

Many of the leathers we use are minimally pigmented, this gives them the most incredible hand-feel, and allows the natural features of the grain to be the star.  Leather is meant to soften and relax with use, and if cared for, will develop that beautiful worn in leather look  - getting even better with age!

There’s a lot of thought and love that goes into creating each piece, so a little bit of care will be worth the effort. And like a good friend, faithfully by your side each day, it will be with you for years to come.